Troop 152 Calendar

The troop calendar is kept up by the webmaster. So, if there are incorrect or missing events, let them know.

Subscribing to the calendar is different depending on the calendar app that you are using. So, select the appropriate section from below:


Apple Calendar on iPhone / iPad

To add the Troop 152 calendar in the iPhone or iPad "Calendars" app:

  1. First, click this link
  2. Click "Subscribe"
  3. Now, you're done. But, there's a couple more steps to make it look nice. Click "View Events" in the popup.
  4. In next window, it shows the list of events. Click "Calendars" at the bottom in the middle.
  5. This opens the list of calendars. As you can see, the troop calendar uses a URL. We're going to fix this to say "Troop 152". Now, click the "i" symbol next to the troop calendar.
  6. Edit the name field to be "Troop 152" and click done
  7. Now the calendar appears as "Troop 152"

iOS Calendar Subscribe Button

iOS Calendar Subscribe Confirm

iOS Calendar Subscribe Success

iOS Calendar Events

iOS Calendar URL Name

iOS Calendar Edit Name Done

Google Calendar / Android / Chromebook

The easiest way to add our type of calendar subscription is to use the desktop Google Calendar website:

  1. Open this page in the Google Calendar settings
    • Alternatively, go to the Google Calendar home page
    • Click the plus symbol next to "Other Calendars" in the bottom left
    • Select "From URL" from the menu that pops up
    • Continue with the below instructions
  2. Then, paste the calendar url in the box labeled "URL of Calendar" and click "Add Calendar": webcal://
  3. The new calendar should appear in the bottom right w/ the URL, click on that calendar to go to it's settings page
  4. Edit the calendar name to "Troop 152" so it's easier to recognize
  5. Now, you're done!

Google Calendar Add URL

Google Calendar Added

Google Calendar Edit

Google Calendar Done

In case clicking on the link directly to the settings page didn't work, below are the screenshots of how to get to that page (ie. step 1):

Google Calendar Add Other

Google Calendar From URL


Apple Calendar on Mac

This one is easy:

  1. Open Apple Calendar
  2. In the top left menu under File, click New Calendar Subscription
  3. For the Calendar URL, paste and click Subscribe
  4. In the next window, edit the name to be Troop 152 and click Ok
  5. You're done!

Apple Desktop Subscribe

Apple Desktop Calendar URL

Apple Desktop Rename Calendar

Outlook on Windows or Mac

If anyone has uses Outlook and can take screenshots of how to add the Troop calendar, please let the webmaster know.

Web / Office365

These instructions are based on this support article from Microsoft.

  1. Sign in to or Office365.
  2. Click the calendar icon near the bottom of the page
  3. From the navigation menu, click "Add Calendar"
  4. In the menu that opens, click "Subscribe from Web"
  5. Enter the URL for the troop calendar: webcal://
  6. Click "Import"

Now, the troop calendar should appear alongside your other calendars and it will stay up to date when events are added or changed.