Troop 152 and Coronavirus

Last updated September 25th

Since Montgomery County transitioned to the Green Phase of Pennsylvania's reopening plan, we have new guidance from Upper Gwynedd Township, the Cradle of Liberty Council, and our charter organization The West Point Foundation.

We have been meeting in-person under these rules since June 30th. However, if the rules are not followed or our charter organization decides that it is not working anymore, we will return to online meetings.

See our reopening plan for how in-person meetings will work.

The calendar is being kept up to date with changes and closures during the crisis. If you aren't already subscribed, click here for instructions.

Table of Contents

Reopening Plan

Until further notice, Troop meetings will take place outside at the Upper Gwynedd Pavilion.

Below are the reopening guidelines for Troop 152:

Failure to adhere to any of these requirements will result in the return to virtual meetings.

There are additional guidelines from Cradle of Liberty Council for Eagle Scout projects: read here.

Online Scouting

As we self-isolate, there are many scouting activities you can do at home. Here are some ideas:

Summer Camp at Goose Pond Scout Reservation

On May 14th, Goose Pond announced that their summer resident camp is has been cancelled. And although this is not unexpected, we know a lot of people are dissapointed.

We still have all payments and will give refunds to all scouts. There was a form for you to request how to receive your refund. If you did not complete the form, we will mail you a check to the address we have on file.


Cradle of Liberty Council put out an FAQ document to answer questions on advancement during the shutdown.

National has also put out guidance on Eagle Scout extensions as well.

Troop 152 leaders are also available to meet and sign off requirements you have worked on at home. To request a meeting, contact the Scoutmaster.

For any other questions specific to advancement in Troop 152 during the coronavirus, please contact Alan Fleck, our Advancement Chair, or contact the Scoutmaster.

How Can I Help?

Here are some ideas on how to help with the Coronavirus crisis.

Learn how to wash your hands: It's more complicated than you'd think, and most people don't know how to wash their hands well. View this video to learn the 7 step WHO method.

Call someone and talk: As the Scout Oath says, we all need to keep ourselves "mentally awake." But, many people aren't coping well mentally with staying at home. So, take the time to call someone and shoot the breeze. Try to think of other activities you can do together over the phone or online.

Encourage others to follow the guidelines: The more people ignore social distancing guidelines, the longer restrictions will have to remain in effect. And, people are more likely to listen to social pressure from their friends and family than to listen to experts on TV.

Sew face masks: Simple cotton face coverings do provide some protection (see this article from the CDC). Even something as simple as a bandanna over your nose and mouth works. But, heavier material is better.

The Surgeon General put out a video demonstrating how to make a simple face covering with common household items, such as a t-shirt and rubber bands.

If you know how to sew, there are also many good designs online that fit better around your face. This design is the best we've seen so far. It's faster with a sewing machine, but this simple design is easy to sew by hand as well.

JoAnn Stores are running a campaign to make and donate cotton face coverings. They have a page with instructions on how to make them. And, they collect the finished items and distribute them to where they are needed.

Donate to Local Charities/Non-Profits:

Improve Yourself: Learn a new skill. Many learning resources are now available for free during the crisis:

Coronavirus Resources